"Come to the light" - concert program with Philipp Ohl-Tschech

5/12/24 in Gessin

come-on light, © Philipp Ohl-Tschech

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  • Sunday, May 12, 202418:00 - 20:00 clock
Jazz & Chanson, World Music, Musikland MV

In my latest program "Kommt ans Licht" Philipp Ohl-Tschech presents autobiographical pieces, seeks insight through new ways of seeing and the connection of seemingly long past events to current moments.

By wandering in (inner and outer) worlds, the musician and songwriter Philipp Ohl-Tschech often shifts his perspective or point of view just a little in his WeltenWandelLieder and finds himself in completely new worlds.
Especially in today's world, in which so much seems to be changing, the songs can inspire new ways of seeing things.
In his current program "Kommt ans Licht" (Come to the Light), he makes some things appear in a new or different light - be it a sunlit "Day in Paradise" or a small candle in "Nina", the shining sword of truth in "Where are the Men" or the light of the chakras in "Rainbow".

The audience can look forward to good handmade songs:
Ballads to listen to, rhythmically accentuated pieces that encourage you to sing along and songs that make you think and feel.


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Event dates
  • Sunday, May 12, 2024 18:00 - 20:00 clock
Event Location

Gessin church chapel

17139 Gessin

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