Cinema in the castle park: "Helena. The Fall of Troy"

7/12/24 to 7/14/24 in Rheinsberg

© Uwe Hauth / Heckentheater

The next dates:

  • Friday, Jul 12, 202419:30 - 21:15 clock
  • Sunday, Jul 14, 202419:30 - 21:15 clock
Cinema, Classical Music, Open-Air Festival

Epic movie action with live music and an exuberant open-air atmosphere!

"Film off!" is the motto in the castle park in the open air: the myth of Troy is being shown on the big screen this summer. Manfred Noa's monumental film tells the story of the infamous theft of Helen, which triggers the feud between the Greeks and Trojans, right up to the end of the miserable war, when Troy is reduced to a heap of ruins.
Epically choreographed crowd scenes, monstrous battleships and the wonderful silent movie pathos of the actors thrilled movie theaters exactly 100 years ago and made this film pearl a classic. A blockbuster of the Weimar Republic - the most successful era of German film.
KYMATIC, the "Rheinsberg Residence Ensemble for New Music", provides the soundtrack to these unique film evenings, which was composed especially for the occasion. Experience an exciting world premiere with epic movie action and an exuberant open-air atmosphere!

Part 1 "The Rape of Helen" on July 12, 7.30 pm

Part 2 "The Fall of Troy" on July 14, 7.30 pm

By the way: Both parts can also be viewed separately. Length approx. 100 min. each.

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Event dates
  • Friday, Jul 12, 2024 19:30 - 21:15 clock
  • Sunday, Jul 14, 2024 19:30 - 21:15 clock
Event Location

Mühlenstraße 1
16831 Rheinsberg

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Chamber Opera Rheinsberg Castle

Kavalierhaus der Schlossanlage 1
16831 Rheinsberg


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