Choir concert with the TURMVOKALISTEN

7/14/24 in Basedow

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  • Sunday, Jul 14, 202416:00 - 18:00 clock
Jazz & Chanson, Classical Music, Musikland MV

The choir consists of 4 voice groups: Alto, Soprano, Bass, Tenor.

Dvorák's "Es zog manch Lied" is like a well-seasoned meal. New spices are constantly appearing. Demanding!
Words to the tower vocalists: "You are not a big organ, you are not a small organ - you are something very special!"
Who knows the connection between the Berlin Bear and childbirth? We don't!
"Man is not complete without music" Zoltán Kodály
"Anyone who doesn't get goosebumps when listening to 'Silent Night' has no skin at all"
1 tip that you don't have to take too seriously: every line begins with the note "a". So always hold a tuning fork to your ear!
and the best thing -> our new domicile doesn't smell of sauerkraut
a squeaking thread is briefly accompanied by "the duck stays outside, Mr. Mülller Lüdenscheidt" :-)
we have learned that the pronunciation of the English "th" can be practiced very well with Loriot
Francis Pilkington wrote one of the most beautiful madrigals with "Rest, sweet nymphs"
QEULLE: Oxford Languages: Skaphander: protective suit for extreme pressure conditions (e.g. space suit)'
it helps: " already has the skaphander on 2-3-4 the countdown is on"
We could even be heard in the DIY store next door. Did we increase sales?
Language took center stage in the Middle Ages. Orlando di Lasso was a central figure in the Renaissance. Source:
"Ubi caritas" (lat.`Where the love') was composed in the 8th century especially for large sacred buildings (cathedral, monastery,...). It was even commissioned for the wedding of Prince William + Kate Middelton Source: Ubi caritas Wikipedia
'When we sing, our brain is literally flooded with happiness hormones', try it out! The kitchen/bathroom in particular has stunning acoustics
Our choir actually wanted to sing him a serenade. But then he sang us one -> applause, applause!
"The essence of music is to spread joy." Aristotle
We experienced something wonderful: when "Silent Night" was sung at the Metropolitan Opera, the individual voices had their own masseurs. Now we are ready for it too!
We are eagerly awaiting calendar week 40, when the new piano will arrive (for comparison: it's week 36) *until then, we are wavering between 'super beautiful' and 'hard to bear' with the new Christmas carol
And the bass can really show what it's made of: "...what a chaaaaance"
"Thank you for the music"-> is there a better way to start again? ABBA will surely forgive us for this little prank: the tenor was given a speech impediment: "Ah dn doo-dn doo-dn doo doo doo"
"... he's done it again." Well, once again every choral part, this time for the "Abendlied", was listed separately - THANK YOU to the hard-working singer!
The genesis of " Tears in Heaven: The composition was written after the accidental death of Clapton's four-year-old son, who fell from a 53rd floor window in New York City in 1991.
Music beautifies the places where it is heard. unknown
The Swedish dance song is well worth listening to. It's nice when rattling cars and thundering trains applaud us. As Astrid Lindgren said: "It has to bang hard and I want it to be fun, otherwise I won't join in." Source
Singing is good for the soul, has an energizing effect and therefore simply has a positive impact on the emotional world. That's why we also sing outside. Without great acoustics, but for the fun of it. - Even if our tongues regularly get tangled, the linguistic journey around the world continues!
THANK YOU for the eye-friendly "Tourdion"! - There are always people who think of others!
There really is something to it: "no one can languish as beautifully as the Italians"! It is no coincidence that it is the world language of music. So we approach this language of music poco a poco.
A new year and new members again. With so many singing friends, we can also rehearse big stage pieces. The voluminous sound is there! What Guiseppe Verdi's "Pater Noster" has to do with a cheese, ham and flatbread can only be learned internally.
And always remember the French cuckoos: they call "salue" :-)

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Event dates
  • Sunday, Jul 14, 2024 16:00 - 18:00 clock
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Gessin 7a
17139 Basedow
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