Karussell - Live at the Köllner Rockscheune

5/17/24 in Werder

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  • Friday, May 17, 202420:00 - 23:59 clock
Rock, Pop & Electronic Music

Carousel rock band

The band of generations

In 1976, Wolf Rüdiger Raschke and Reinhard Huth founded the band Karussell in Leipzig

Unmistakable and independent, the band sets itself apart and is characterized by

musical and lyrical profundity.

The band played successfully in various line-ups until 1989. This era comes to an end in 1990.


It was not until 2007 that the son of the band's founder, Joe Raschke, succeeded in reviving Karussell.

to bring Karussell back to life.

This was followed by the first concerts and intensive creative work on new songs and lyrics.

This resulted in a harmonious coexistence between the generations.

The album "Loslassen" is released in 2011,

2014 the album "Karussell-Die größten Hits".

2015 The movie "Karussell-Vier Tage auf Hiddensee

2016 the DVD "Ehrlich will ich bleiben" and the double album "40 Jahre-40 Hits"

2016 The Leipziger Volkszeitung publishes a stamp and a first day cover with portraits of the musicians.

portraits of the musicians

2017 the documentary "Ela sings"

2018 the album "Erdenwind"

In the band's long history, Karussell has toured with 10 albums, film scores and videos

through Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia and South America, France, Denmark,

Finland, Sweden, the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland, Uruguay, Cuba

and Belgium.

In 45 years of band history, hits such as:

Autostopp, Mc. Donald, Ehrlich will ich bleiben, Verrückter Vormittag, Wie ein Fischlein

under the ice, Als ich fortging, Oben sein, Loslassen, Wenn es hart wird, Meine Stadt,

Night Child, Give or Take, Earth Wind

The band is working on a new album in 2023

Quote Joe Raschke:

"We have grown so tightly together as if it had never been any different

ever been different. And that closes the circle of the past, friends, humanity

and music.

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Event dates
  • Friday, May 17, 2024 20:00 - 23:59 clock
Event Location

Köllner rock barn

Dorfstr. 3
17089 Werder

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Köllner rock barn

Dorfstr. 3
17089 Werder


in the region Mecklenburg Schweiz

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