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4/3/24 in Rerik

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"Crossed over, but the other way round: (my) German-German family history" - Rolf Barkhorn

In the spring of 1967, five and a half years after the Wall was built, a family of eight moves from one German state to another. To do so, they don't have to cross any life-threatening self-protection barriers or barbed wire. They change sides quite normally and unharmed - by car. Her journey takes her from the West to the East - from the Federal Republic of Germany to the German Democratic Republic. The autobiographical book tells the story of crossing the border and the subsequent stay in the Pritzier reception center, which was officially run by the GDR internal affairs department and dominated by state security. In his personal memoirs, the author recounts his experiences of the first few years in his adopted country, of good and bad experiences in his new living environment, of hopes and disappointments and of everyday life in the "real existing socialism" of the late 1960s, which seems somewhat bizarre from today's perspective.

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Rolf Barkhorn_Reading 3.4.

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