Blue Wave Festival Binz · PINK PIANO · Blue Wave Bash

6/9/24 in Ostseebad Binz

Blue Wave Festival Binz · KINDERPROGRAMM, © Binzer Bucht Tourismus

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  • Sunday, Jun 9, 202411:00 - 15:00 clock
Jazz & Chanson, Market & Festival

It's Bluestime: In the tradition of the multi-award-winning Blue Wave Festival Binz, musicians from the international blues scene will be guests in Binz from 8 to 11 June. There will be plucking, drumming, swinging and singing in many places that will make New Orleans pale with envy. At the end of the festival, there will be a special session with artists from the last few days.

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Event dates
  • Sunday, Jun 9, 2024 11:00 - 15:00 clock
Event Location

Kurplatz Binz

Strandpromenade 27
18609 Ostseebad Binz
+49 38393 148148
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Binzer Bucht Tourismus

Heinrich-Heine-Straße 7
18609 Ostseebad Binz
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