Ballads from the East & West

4/5/24 in Schwerin

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Stern-Meißen singer Manuel Schmid and violinist Maike Virk

Manuel - art rock and pop singer, composer+lyricist with a sensitive feeling for great melodies and lyrical German lyrics, singer of the Stern-Combo Meißen since 2012 and modern protagonist of eastern rock par excellence.

Maike - classically studied violinist with guest appearances in various bands, singer-+

songwriter projects (Canguru, Tino Eisbrenner), on big festival stages together with Zappa`s Keneally and Thunes or as support for e.g. States Quo, Nik Kershaw... has refined and individualized her violin style over the years more and more in the direction of art and acoustic rock. Both are united by their love of Eastern rock and especially its expressive ballads. In addition to the Stern-Meißen songs, Manuel has been particularly involved with the work of Holger Biege and Tamara Danz and presents it in various formations.

Both artists independently released a new album with their own songs in 2022.
songs independently of each other. In their joint program, they will perform from it, as well as present classics of Eastern rock in a new guise, in arrangements in which piano and violin merge with each other, sonorous and expressive, carried by the velvety and powerful voice of the exceptional singer Manuel Schmid.

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Tickets are available at KlangWert, Friedrichstraße 11, Tel. 03 85 / 59 58 75 44
or at the Schwerin Info, Am Markt 14, Tel. 03 85 / 5 92 52 14

Event dates
  • Friday, Apr 5, 2024 20:00 - 22:00 clock
Event Location

werk3 / KlangWert

Friedrichstraße 11
19055 Schwerin
+49 385 59 58 75 44
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werk3 / KlangWert

Friedrichstraße 11
19055 Schwerin
+49 385 59 58 75 44


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