Artist talk with Inka in the special exhibition "Inka: Retrospective of half a century"

3/25/24 in Bergen auf Rügen

Inka: Amaterasu omikami, 2022, 100x100x4cm) Oil, acrylic, lacquer on canvas, © Inka

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  • Monday, Mar 25, 202415:00 o'clock
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Interested visitors will have the opportunity to talk to the painter Inka.

Directly and immediately in the special exhibition "Inka: Retrospective of half a century", the painter with the special name talks about her inspirations and gives an insight into her creative world. In conversation with an interested audience, she explains the background to her art and focuses on selected works in particular. The discourse between the painter and visitors deepens the understanding of Inca's art and the exhibits presented in the solo show shine in a new light!


The art of contemporary painter Inka encompasses portraits, reverse glass painting, conceptual, figurative and much more. Her works draw the viewer into a world of lightness, power and dancing colors. The solo show includes exhibits from five decades and features mixed media works on paper, reverse glass paintings, material collages and life-size, flat statues. The most recent exhibits in the special exhibition are mixed media works in oil and acrylic on canvas.

Two striking features characterize Inca's art: on the one hand, the radiant sun as a symbol of joy and a life-affirming attitude, and on the other, her preference for delicate and ornamental details. Inka's versatility is not only evident in her choice of motifs, but also in her confident handling of different materials such as canvas, paper, glass and porcelain. She creates colorful creations and affordable works of art by painting wooden and ostrich eggs in an appealing way.

Inka's work has been presented internationally in over 50 exhibitions, including in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Tokyo and Miami.

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Event dates
  • Monday, Mar 25, 2024 15:00 o'clock
Event Location

City Museum Bergen on Rügen

Billrothstraße 20a
18528 Bergen auf Rügen
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City Museum Bergen on Rügen

Billrothstraße 20a
18528 Bergen auf Rügen


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