Apfeltraum plays Caesar's songs

7/6/24 in Baabe

Apfeltraum_Big Joe Stolle, © Big Joe Stolle

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  • Saturday, Jul 6, 202420:00 - 22:00 clock
Rock, Pop & Electronic Music, Open-Air Festival

The "Apfeltraum" project primarily commemorates the popular and unforgotten musician Peter 'Caesar' Gläser and his great songs.

The band not only impresses with the well-known hits on the set list. Caesar's son Robert Gläser, former Knorkator drummer Christian Gerlach, who has often helped out Caesar's players himself, companion and blues shouter Big Joe Stolle and guitarists Hannes Funke and Jakob Deider make the project more authentic than ever. You can look forward to a concert without unnecessary digressions, but with arrangements that get to the point. Not only old friends of music can embark on an emotional journey through time. The timeless songs will also inspire new generations.

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free event

free of charge

Event dates
  • Saturday, Jul 6, 2024 20:00 - 22:00 clock
Event Location

Baabe spa stage

Am Kurpark
18586 Baabe

+49 38303 1420
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Baltic resort Baabe spa administration

Am Kurpark 9
18586 Baabe

+49 38303 1420


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