Angelika Hundt: watercolors, pastels, drawings, etchings, linocuts

4/5/24 in Strasburg

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The first exhibition of the creative artist and art educator.

Angelika Hundt (*1952, † 2023) organized countless exhibitions with works by students or works by important German and international artists. Although she took part in presentations in Strasburg, Neubrandenburg, Berlin and Dresden, she never had an exhibition of her own. So it is certainly in her spirit to comply with the request of the Altes Gemeindehaus e.V. association and show works from 50 years in this very special house.

Opening on 05.04.2024, 7 pm.
Outside of the opening, access to the exhibition is by appointment only.

Good to know

Event dates
  • Friday, Apr 5, 2024 19:00 - 21:00 clock
Event Location

Pfarrstraße 22b
17335 Strasburg

Contact the organiser

Marlies Niemann

Pfarrstraße 22b
17335 Strasburg


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