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Purely business News from the moral world champion

What is life? Coincidence? A joke, or just business after all? Reber's current program deals with this question. In recent years, we have gotten to know him in a wide variety of roles. Whether as the Lord's janitor and God's block warden, as an exorcist, the people's commissioner for revenge and retribution, or as the popular inventor of roof batten pedagogy. For him, the stage is the battlefield in the fight against surveillance capitalism, digital dictatorship and the seemingly unstoppable dumbing down of the online rabble. Rebers is a man of extremes and therefore not unlike Diego Maradona. A man who gives his all and for whom every guest appearance is an endgame. Rebers works analogously and can best be compared to a loose cannon. Always loaded and nobody knows who it will hit. He always makes sure that we don't completely lose our sense of humor. Things are not looking good for Germany as a "humor location". Wherever you look, epidemics, educational zeal and irrationality are rampant. Everything somehow goes viral and there is an increasing smell of those old German virtues that we thought we had long since left behind. But how can we? The Germans of today are no better than the Germans of the past. Back then was just a different time and so the question arises: "What is the opposite of the future?" "Origin!!!" Sounds difficult, but it's really easy. Because Rebers is a man with a mother's wit, lots of music, exuberant creativity and a brimming love of the human. Patterns have never been his thing and if you want to know what this program is actually about, the answer is everything!!!! In fact, everything you can't march to. And so he hits the drum, hits the keys or lashes out and sometimes he even thinks about running away. But that's what the next and final program is all about. This time it's all about business!

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  • Saturday, Jun 15, 2024 19:30 o'clock
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