Agroforestry day for organic farmers

10/18/24 in Basedow

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  • Friday, Oct 18, 202410:00 - 16:00 clock
Lecture & Science

On Friday, 18.10.24, an agroforestry day for organic farmers will take place on the agroforestry field in Gessin. In the morning, presentations will explain the procedure from planning, financing and planting to the maintenance of the existing agroforestry area. In the afternoon, the agroforestry area will be visited during a field tour and the practice of its maintenance will be demonstrated on site. A specially excavated soil profile will be discussed with an experienced soil scientist.

The term agroforestry is used to describe land use systems in which woody plants (trees or shrubs) are combined with arable crops and/or livestock farming on an area in such a way that ecological and economic benefits are created between the various components (Nair, 1993). Typical for all types of agroforestry are deliberate interactions between woody and arable crops.
In agroforestry systems, a distinction is usually made between the combination of

Trees with arable crops (silvoarable systems),
trees with livestock (silvopastoral systems) and
trees with arable crops and livestock (agrosilvopastoral systems) (Nair 1985).

are distinguished (Nair 1985). As the age, distribution and arrangement of woody plants can vary, there are many different forms.

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Event dates
  • Friday, Oct 18, 2024 10:00 - 16:00 clock
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Gessin 7a
17139 Basedow
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