A profound and enjoyable look at our present - Wladimir Kaminer reads at the monastery

4/13/24 in Zarrentin am Schaalsee

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The Zarrentiner Kulturverein invites you to an author reading on April 13, 2024 at 7.30 pm: Wladimir Kaminer reads in the monastery.

Bestselling author Wladimir Kaminer, best known throughout Germany for his more than thirty novels since "Russendisco", including the Spiegel bestsellers "Der verlorene Sommer" and "Wie sage ich es meiner Mutter", will read from his latest reflection on our lives in the current times. His book "Frühstück am Rande der Apokalypse" (Breakfast on the Edge of the Apocalypse) gives us his very personal view of a time in which war has suddenly become an everyday companion and yet the stumbling blocks and curiosities of everyday life still occupy us.

Kaminer, born in Moscow in 1967, trained there as a sound engineer and studied dramaturgy, has lived in Germany since 1990 and has since been taking an amusingly critical look at the German way of life in an extraordinarily productive way.

"Mentally, we are either in the future, where nothing works out, or we fall back into the past according to the motto: if only we had acted differently back then, the future wouldn't have been so bad. And what's in between, life, the real thing, escapes our attention." [Wladimir Kaminer in the NDR program DAS! on 28.11.2023]

Kaminer does not miss "this thin thread of the present", as he describes it himself. It's great that he shares his insights with us! Let's look forward to a special evening with thought-provoking and enlightening insights about us all!

The author will be signing his books during the interval and after the event.

Tickets for the event are available in advance from March 16, 2024 at Tee- und Geschenkestübchen Ilona Ködderitzsch, Hauptstraße 12 in Zarrentin or at the box office on April 13, 2024.

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Apr 13, 2024 19:30 - 22:30 clock
Event Location

Zarrentin Monastery

Kirchplatz 8
19246 Zarrentin am Schaalsee

Contact the organiser

Markt 4
19246 Zarrentin am Schaalsee

+49 (0)38851-6070


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