5% Dignity - Cabaret Leipziger Pfeffermühle

8/12/24 in Plau am See

5% Dignity - Cabaret Leipziger Pfeffermühle, © (c)leipzigerpfeffermühle

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  • Monday, Aug 12, 202419:30 - 21:30 clock
Theatre & Stage, Open-Air Festival

Comic and critical cabaret by the Leipziger Pfeffermühle with reworked ABBA songs, humorously political and musical.

There are elections in Germany. You can vote for a parliament, a senate, a mayor, a parents' council or a deputy gardening committee.
You're not allowed to vote, otherwise you won't be allowed to join, but you'll quickly be excluded. And then you're the one you weren't allowed to play with before. But if you vote for parties, there are two good reasons to be suspicious:
1. you don't know them!
2. you know them!

Four members of the Leipziger Pfeffermühle (Leipzig Peppermill) attempt to gracefully circumvent the hurdles of political correctness and present their initial forecasts, latest poll results and provisional seat distribution with their second vote.
The Pfeffermüllers are of the opinion: everything used to be good - today everything is better!

But it would be better if everything was good again.
You can look forward to a humorous and critical program by the Leipziger Pfeffermühle, musically equipped with many well-known "ABBA songs".

Attention - Important note:
The song texts have all been "slightly" edited by our authors and therefore no longer correspond to the original texts. Or to put it a little more clearly:
The song contents wanted to be changed 100% gracefully for topicality reasons. And we complied with this with a heavy heart.
"Dear cabaret fans, you certainly wouldn't have expected anything else from us.

Tickets: https://burgfestspiele-plauamsee.reservix.de/p/reservix/group/452768

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Event dates
  • Monday, Aug 12, 2024 19:30 - 21:30 clock
Event Location

Burgplatz 2
19395 Plau am See

038735 45678
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Burgplatz 2
19395 Plau am See



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