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In 1986, when Kat and Alexander von Stenglin were looking for a suitable place for their workshop after becoming master craftspeople in the fields of ceramics and hand weaving, their choice fell on the Eichenhof near Picher. Between the old royal seat of Ludwigslust and the State Stud Farm Redefin, the Eichenhof, with its gallery and workshops, has become an insiders' tip for guests who are looking for something special

Alexander makes the glazes for his ceramics mostly part from local clays, rock flours, chalks and ashes himself. Various firing techniques create unique pieces whose surfaces shimmer mysteriously: Japanese raku pottery vases with fine hairline cracks and cloudy light effects, colourful faience pots and bowls whose clear, bright colours seem to mirror the landscape of Mecklenburg – or terracotta objects that seem to have white powder on them tell of ancient times.

Kat uses her looms to create artistic tapestries using mediaeval techniques – but with modern patterns. Her workshop also makes blankets, cushions and fabrics of all kinds. Sheep's wool is spun by hand and dyed with plants: "Dyeing with plants is also an ancient craft; it is exciting to use old recipes, but trying out new things again and again is also exciting."


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038751 21225


Kat & Alexander von Stenglin

Eichenhof 3
19230  Picher

038751 21225

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Kat & Alexander von Stenglin
Eichenhof 3
19230 Picher

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