eat.READ.sleep. Podcast session at the OZEANEUM

6/3/24 in Stralsund

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  • Monday, Jun 3, 202420:00 - 22:30 clock

Monday, 03.06.2024 | 8 pm OZEANEUM Stralsund | Exhibition "1:1 Giants of the Seas"

Favorite books, new releases, bestsellers: In the NDR Kultur book podcast eat.READ.sleep. the three hosts Katharina Mahrenholtz, Daniel Kaiser and Jan Ehlert give tips and guidance on the book market and with great success: The podcast community is growing and growing: More than 100 eat.READ.sleep. Reading Circles have been formed.

On June 3, Katharina and Jan will be guests at the OZEANEUM in Stralsund to record a podcast episode in front of an audience and the impressive backdrop of the "1:1 Giants of the Seas" exhibition with original-sized models of whales. Over a culinary literary starter, the hosts will present current favorite books and all-time favorites on the subject of the sea, as the episode will be published on World Oceans Day. But of course, the bestseller challenge is a must and the literary quiz asks all guests: Which author stood on a surfboard in the 1920s? What does a cobbler's boy have to do with book printing? What are Pippi Longstocking's neighbors' last names? Too difficult? Don't worry! It's not primarily about the right answer, but about the story behind the question and the fun of guessing along.

Advance ticket sales start on 15.03.2024. Tickets are available at the museum ticket offices in the OZEANEUM and online at


The show in Stralsund in collaboration with the German Oceanographic Museum is also the start of this year's eat.READ.sleep. Summer Tour - all venues and dates can be found here:
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Event dates
  • Monday, Jun 3, 2024 20:00 - 22:30 clock
Event Location

OZEANEUM Stralsund

Hafenstraße 11
18439 Stralsund
+49 3831 2650610
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OZEANEUM Stralsund

Hafenstraße 11
18439 Stralsund
+49 3831 2650610


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