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Raft, slube, sleeping barrel, water tower or tree house - we have selected special accommodation for you.

Published: July 8, 2024

Slubes near Krakow am See, © slube

Published: July 8, 2024

Numerous extraordinary accommodations in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern promise a special kind of vacation. Be inspired by our selection of accommodation so that you are guaranteed a unique stay on your next vacation.

Pile house with floating house, © im-jaich/Jens Frank

Floating vacation homes

Marina Kröslin & im-jaich Water Worlds

Floating vacation homes

If you fancy a relaxed vacation home, but also want it right on the water, then the floating vacation homes are just the thing for you! You can rent them in different sizes. Whether it's just the two of you for a romantic getaway or with friends, there's plenty of space and you can plop straight into the water from the terrace to cool off.

Here you will find the Baltic Sea Resort in Kröslin, near Usedom on the Baltic Sea coast. This resort also offers houseboats if you want to make your days off a little more mobile on the water.

Or you can visit im-jaich Wasserwelten auf Rügen. In addition to the floating vacation homes, you can also go sailing on the Baltic Sea and take a trip to Vilm.

The Slubes offer an exceptional accommodation experience that combines gentle, regional tourism with state-of-the-art comfort., © slube

Sustainable and innovative: discover the world of slubes

"slubes" are intelligent, sustainable and durable space miracles. At just 11 m and five meters high, they offer maximum comfort. Each slube is fully autonomous, heatable, insulated and soundproofed. Contactless check-in enables spontaneous and flexible stays, and the smart control of light and temperature is intuitive.

The round rooms of the slubes have been transformed into modern hotel rooms with great attention to detail. Spread over two levels, they offer a fully equipped bathroom, a cozy sitting area and a comfortable sleeping area with a double bed, large window, TV and Wi-Fi.

The free slube web app makes your stay even more enjoyable. Managing bookings, downloading invoices and the check-in process are digital and contactless. The app also controls lighting and heating and provides tips on local restaurants and activities.

The Slubes can be found in the regions Greifswald, Neustrelitz and Krakow am See.

The granary Mauritz and apartment 1, © Ludger Paffrath

Kornspeicher Mauritz - Holiday apartment / Holiday home

The Mauritz granary is located on the Zudar peninsula on Rügen. Converted from a real granary into four apartments of different sizes, these individual apartments offer plenty of space and high ceilings. You have the choice between apartments from one bedroom to an apartment with 8 bedrooms. So here you also have the chance to stay in togetherness or go straight in with friends or family.

A raft glides leisurely across the water, quietly and close to the shore. It is a bathing and fishing base, sun deck, nature observation station and vacation home all in one. And the great thing is that there are enough lakes here in the Mecklenburg Lake District for everyone to enjoy a license-free rafting vacation. So cast off!, © TMV/

Raft - vacation on the water

Almost everywhere inland

You can not only build your own raft, but also spend the night on one with up to six people. There are several inland providers for this. Whether it's Floßurlaub-Schwerin, Mecklenburgische or Feldberger Seenlandschaft – there are several places to rent in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. You can find them all in a map overview on our page for holidays on a raft or houseboat with further tips. Pack your fishing rods and barbecue and spend the night on the shore or on one of the islands in MV. But dress warmly when the days get colder.

Water tower Waren - Holiday apartment

Waren an der Müritz

The water tower in Waren an der Müritz is a small highlight in the area and towers high into the sky. When you first see it, it looks more like a small castle or the tower in which Rapunzel was trapped. It has also been converted and is now more modern, offering apartments with up to 3 bedrooms on the top floor.

On the way with the bungalow boat on the Peene at the water hiking rest area Trittelwitz, © TMV/Witzel

Houseboat & bungalow boat - vacation on the water

Mecklenburg Lake District

Luckily, we have an exception here in the north: as with a raft, you don't need a motorboat license, as you will receive a temporary license for the duration of the charter.

On a houseboat or bungalow boat it will definitely be more luxurious than on a raft. Because here you have everything on board with a kitchen, toilet, some hi-fi/TV equipment, and much more. The list of providers in MV is large and you can find a small overview of providers here under Houseboat vacation.

Overnight stay on the sailing schooner "Condor S.S. 86." on the peninsula Peenemünde, © TMV/Witzel

Unique overnight stay on a sailing schooner

Usedom - Peenemünde peninsula

Some ships are already ashore. But that doesn&nbspt mean that they are no longer usable. That is why some have been removed and we have, for example, this sailing schooner on Usedom found at „Halbinsel-Peenemünde“. You can have a refreshing drink on a converted boat that still floats and gives you a great view of the Peenem nde Historical-Technical Museum.

The sleeping barrels at the Pommernland campsite under trees on the island of Usedom, © A. Beggerow

Sleeping barrel: Camping in a barrel

Zislow on Lake Plau

You will not only find sleeping barrels in the Mecklenburg Lake District, but also on the Baltic Sea coast. The sleeping barrel offers plenty of space for two people. It is definitely ideal for a trip close to the water. Together with the sanitary facilities on the camping pitches, it makes for more comfortable camping. At the „Sleeping barrel by the lake“ you have up to ten sleeping barrels at your disposal. If you are looking for a sleeping barrel, take a look at providers such as „Naturcamping Zwei Seen” or „Campingplatz Ostseequelle”.

On the edge of the Klützer Winkel is the natural site of the Wabenhausherberge with 6 honeycomb-shaped tree houses., © Grüne Wiek/Bischoff

Honeycomb Hostel Grüne Wiek


Imagine waking up in the morning and the gentle sound of the waves is the first thing you hear. This is how the day begins on the pristine beach of Wohlenberger Wiek, where the unique Wabenhausherberge Grüne Wiek is located. In the midst of this idyllic setting, six extraordinary honeycomb houses offer unforgettable accommodation for all those who love peace and nature.

Each of the charming honeycomb houses offers space for up to six people and blends harmoniously into the surroundings. The design of the honeycomb rooms is not only an architectural highlight, but also creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Adventure overnight stay for up to six people in the tree house at Schwerin Zoo, © Zoo Schwerin/Erika Hellmich

Spend the night in a tree house

Schwerin Zoo & Ummanz (Rügen)

Imagine waking up amidst the fascinating sounds of the wild, surrounded by exotic animals moving around in their natural habitat. Welcome to an unforgettable night in the tree house at Zoo Schwerin! And the best thing is: peccaries, coatis and the playful ruffed capuchins live right on your doorstep, just waiting for you to discover them.

Another tree house tip can be found at Ummaii on the Ummanz peninsula on Rügen. With a view of the Schaproder Bodden, you can relax on the tree house terrace, enjoy your breakfast and start your day in nature.

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