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The house, built around 1753 in baroque style, is used today as a private house, with attached vacation apartment.

Since the acquisition of the Detershagen manor house by the von Campenhausen family, the house has been revived and lovingly renovated. Even though the exterior still needs a lot of paint, the house already offers the extended family a cozy home and the old structures inside the house have already been largely restored.

In 2013, the first vacation apartment on the upper floor was completed, so that since then city dwellers and lovers of country life can also be offered a rustic vacation accommodation in Detershagen. The former estate park invites again to relax and romp. For the little ones a sandbox, a play tower and a swing have been installed. Our rabbits like to be admired and stroked by the little vacation guests. Two shettys have their place in the back of the park during the summer months. Out of season they move freely throughout the park and love to stay under the apple trees.
The park of the Detershagen manor borders on the Detershagen forest, which invites to extensive walks, bicycle tours and horseback rides. The village Detershagen has about 100 inhabitants and is characterized by the many horses on the surrounding meadows. A pair of storks has been coming to Detershagen every spring for several years to raise their young.

The Detershagen estate has been owned by various families over the years, such as the von Moltke, von Plessen, von Müller and von Storch families. The last owner Jürgen Detlev von Storch lived in the manor from 1910 until his expropriation in 1945. According to stories, the manor house was a very busy estate until the war. The right wing served as the manor kitchen to supply the estate. The left side wing was built as a guest house, because relatives and friendly families were welcome in Detershagen. To the side in front of the Detershagen manor house were the old cowsheds, a sheep pen, a blacksmith's store and other buildings that belonged to the estate. A village pond also existed in earlier times.
A beautiful long pergola of lime trees in the manor park is repeatedly reported by earlier witnesses. The village was characterized by the classic lime tree avenues with cobblestone pavement as well as cottages along the village path. These nice memories of old times are largely preserved and most of the cottages have been lovingly restored by the new owners.
After 1945 until the fall of communism in 1990, the estate was run by an LPG. In 2006 the Detershagen manor house and about 2 hectares of the former park were acquired by the von Campenhausen family. Only a few pictures from earlier times have been preserved, so the family is always very grateful for pleasant informative conversations with contemporary witnesses who remember life in Detershagen before 1945.

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