The movie watchers show: "Heroes of probability".

6/16/23 in Schloen-Dratow

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  • Friday, Jun 16, 202319:30 o'clock

Film and talk

Soldier Markus returns to Denmark after the death of his wife in a train accident. He now has to look after his teenage daughter Mathilde on his own. He wants one thing above all: peace and quiet, and to wash down his grief with plenty of beer every now and then. But he hasn't reckoned with the mathematician Otto, his colleague Lennart and the hacker Emmenthaler, who suddenly appear on his doorstep one day. The three of them don't look like they're living the high life and seem to attract bad luck, but they have one talent in common: they can calculate! And they have made a groundbreaking discovery: According to their calculations, Markus' wife did not die by accident. Rather, the train derailment that claimed his wife's life was not an accident. The chain of evidence of the three men, at the end of which is a gang called "Riders Of Justice", is clear and arouses Markus' desire for revenge.

Director Anders Thomas Jensen ("Adam's Apples") delivers Scandinavian narrative cinema at its smartest. His phenomenal ensemble around Mads Mikkelsen virtuously plays with expectations and probabilities on a dramaturgical high. "Heroes of Probability - Riders of Justice" sends its four causal cowboys on a mission against chance and into the heart of human despair. Subtly humorous and yet deeply touching. A comedy about the pleasure of meaning and the pain of chance.

Director Anders Thomas Jensen

Feature film 116 minutes

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Event dates
  • Friday, Jun 16, 2023 19:30 o'clock
Event Location

Parsonage Schloen

Dorfstraße 19
17192 Schloen-Dratow

039934 7513
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Parsonage Schloen

Dorfstraße 19
17192 Schloen-Dratow

039934 7513


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