The little knight

12/17/23 in Kröpelin

Tandera Theater, © Tandera Theater

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  • Sunday, Dec 17, 202315:00 - 17:00 clock
Children, Theatre & Stage

A puppet show by Tandera Theater for children ages 4 and up.


The little knight is supposed to learn to ride. But he doesn't want to. He is afraid. A little knight who is afraid of horses? That has never happened before!

"Knights don't walk," says his father.
"All knights ride," says his mother.

But the little knight simply doesn't want to ...

A short story about courage and fear and about the necessity of being allowed to make a journey. Based on the book of the same name by Da nie la Römer


Play: Dörthe Kiehn

Direction, dramaturgy: Anne Sudbrack, Dörte Kiehn

Duration: ca. 45 min

Photos: Tandera Theater



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Ticket children: 1 €

Children up to 14 years Ticket children: 8 €

from 14 years Ticket adults: 8 €

We ask for prior seat reservation

Please reserve your seat in advance

Event dates
  • Sunday, Dec 17, 2023 15:00 - 17:00 clock
Event Location

Kröpelin retractable mill

Schulstr. 10
18236 Kröpelin
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Support association "Kröpeliner Mühle" e. V.

Schulstr. 10
18236 Kröpelin


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