The doll and the permanent sausage

4/27/24 in Neukalen

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  • Saturday, Apr 27, 202419:00 - 21:00 clock
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A critical play by Paul Scheerbart

The world after its end. It's already there. An unholy habitat full of the desire to rule, abuse of power and narcissism. Garnished with the philosophical accuracy of an almost forgotten theater revolutionary. In the pale light of the tiled walls, the bunker mentality of a destroyed and helpless society. And some astonishing inspirations: Unreasonable, but groundbreaking.

Paul Scheerbart's dramolettes, each barely longer than 10 minutes, seem almost prophetic from today's perspective. They are consuming concave mirrors of a society that, despite a prosperous economy, is unable to develop a positive vision and is perishing due to a lack of empathy and imagination.

Thinking about the present seems painful here. Scheerbart's situations and moods are those of a burgeoning fundamental social upheaval. All his characters understand this intuitively. The standstill caused by dystopian fears, conspiracies and elites striving for the absolute seems all the more tragic.

From his very stubborn point of view, Paul Scheebart is fundamentally an optimist. Even if the solution is not immediate, the possibilities of the human spirit give him strength, in the sense of Wittgenstein's "What is conceivable is also possible!". Scheerbart founded the "Verlag deutscher Phantasten" in 1892. In vain? We hope not.

Director: Jens Schmidl
Author: Paul Scheerbart
Cast: Peter Beck, Uwe Neumann, Johanna Paliege, Saskia von Winterfeld

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Apr 27, 2024 19:00 - 21:00 clock
Event Location

Project yard Karnitz e.V., Karnitz 9, 17154 Neukalen

Karnitz 9
17154 Neukalen

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Projekthof Karnitz e.V.

Karnitz 9
17154 Neukalen


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