The agricultural academy and its green model village. Eldena in the 19th century

10/21/23 in Greifswald-Eldena

Greenhouse Eldena 1863, © Archiv Thoralf Weiß

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  • Saturday, Oct 21, 202310:00 - 12:00 clock
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Guided tour with Dr. Michael Lissok and Thoralf Weiß, participation: 6 Euro

Surrounded by efficient estate farms and university forests, Eldena developed into an important information and meeting place for agronomists, farmers, manor owners, estate tenants and administrators with the Agricultural Academy founded in 1835. In keeping with the spirit of the beautification movement, the town and its surroundings blossomed with the creation of gardens and plantings in the public areas in conjunction with the university's agricultural and scientific land and a highly modern, complex agricultural enterprise. As an institutional carrier and facilitator of innovations in agricultural economics, as well as a pacesetter in the introduction of new cultivation and breeding methods, plant varieties and technologies in Vorpommern, the Academy contributed significantly to the progress of garden culture and the development of the cultural landscape. For practical horticultural teaching at the Eldena Agricultural Academy, the academic gardener Ferdinand Jühlke (1815-1893) had various teaching and experimental gardens at his disposal.

Today, in the Greifswald district of Eldena, there is little to remind us that an agricultural college existed here for around four decades. Only fragments of its educational, research and economic facilities remain. Just nine of the former forty or so academy buildings have been preserved, and only two of them are in a condition suitable for preservation. Among them is the former main building of the academy (Kollegiengebäude) at Hainstraße 5, which is now used by the Jägerhof Forestry Office. The sites in Eldena where the academy grew trees, fruit and vegetables, where botanical studies and experiments were carried out, can only be visually guessed at on site.

Dr. Michael Lissok | Art Historian | Greifswald

The tour follows the traces of the Eldena Agricultural Academy. Some groves still bear witness to the heyday of Eldena's horticulture. The former main building of the academy and the monastery ruins park, which was laid out around 1830, will also be visited.

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  • Saturday, Oct 21, 2023 10:00 - 12:00 clock
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Forestry office Jägerhof

Hainstraße 5
17493 Greifswald-Eldena

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