Summer cinema: NaturfilmNacht Zingst "Holy Shit - It's what comes out the back that counts"

8/11/24 in Zingst

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  • Sunday, Aug 11, 202421:15 o'clock
Cinema, Nature, Open-Air Festival

Open-air cinema with the film "Holy Shit" at the harbor

Award-winning film German Nature Film Award 2023

"Holy Shit" What happens to the food we digest after it has left our bodies?
Is it waste that is thrown away or a resource that can be reused? In search of answers, director Rubén Abruña embarks on an investigative and entertaining quest through 16 cities on four continents.

He follows the trail of faeces from the long sewers of Paris to a huge sewage treatment plant in Chicago. The supposed worldwide solution of using the semi-solid remains of the sewage plant as fertilizer turns out to be a living nightmare, as they contain heavy metals and toxic PFAS chemicals.

Can excrement be used to grow food and alleviate the impending fertilizer shortage? He meets the Poop Pirates from Uganda, who use their work and songs to teach people how to turn faeces into safe fertilizer. In rural Sweden, an engineer shows him a dry toilet that produces fertilizer from urine. In Hamburg and Geneva, he discovers residential complexes with decentralized sewage treatment plants that are not connected to the sewage system and generate electricity and fertilizer from human excrement. In the end, the director finds answers to reusing human feces to increase global food security, environmental protection, hygiene and mitigate climate change.

Germany // 2023 // 86 min.

Note: The event takes place open-air and also in light rain. Some blankets will be provided, but please remember to wear clothing suitable for the weather. Drinks and snacks can be purchased on site.

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Event dates
  • Sunday, Aug 11, 2024 21:15 o'clock
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Hafenstr. 18
18374 Zingst

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