Start of the 2024 season at the Schwerin-Mueß Open-Air Museum

3/30/24 in Schwerin

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The next dates:

  • Saturday, Mar 30, 202410:00 - 18:00 clock
Exhibition, Guided Tours & Tours, Nature

On Holy Saturday we offer all-day show forging in the museum forge, from 11 a.m. and from 2 p.m. public guided tours for everyone.

From Easter to October (March 30 to October 31), the Open-Air Museum of Folklore Schwerin-Mueß is open from Tuesdays to Sundays and on all public holidays from 10 am to 6 pm.

At the start of the season on Holy Saturday, master blacksmith Heiko Holz grabs a sack of coals and uses them to light the forge fire for a whole day(10 am to 6 pm). Visitors can look over his shoulder as he carries out his strenuous and interesting work. The blacksmith patiently explains his work processes and what is particularly important when heating, working and cooling the iron to be shaped. Experience traditional craftsmanship with your family in an ancient village smithy!

If you arrive early at the Mueß Open-Air Museum, you can join a public herb tour with Anne-Katrin Schmiedehaus-Engel from 11 am. She runs a naturopathic practice and herbal school in Schwerin. She also looks after the open-air museum's herb garden and organizes interesting guided tours of the meadows on the museum grounds.

On this herb walk, you will learn interesting and mystical facts about the power of flowers, leaves and roots, about vitamins and nature's little medicine chest. On the tour, Ms. Schmiedehaus-Engel will take you to the herb bed and the museum's village teacher's garden. There you can discover, experience and taste our local medicinal and wild herbs. Meeting point 11 am at the museum ticket office. Visitors only pay normal museum admission. No extra costs for the guided tour.

This also applies to the public farm animal tour with Ute Behrendt-Huhn from 2 p.m. at the museum entrance.

Animals are part of the farm - but what was it actually like on a Mecklenburg farm around 250 years ago? After a brief introduction to the life of shepherds, you will visit our sheep and chickens under expert guidance.

Do you know where the shepherd's cottage got its name from, why the less wealthy farmers and day laborers were derisively called "Kauhbuern" (cow farmers) in those days, how many eggs a chicken lays in a year or how the sheep's wool is turned into a fine thread? On our farmyard animal tour, you will learn interesting facts about historical herding and typical farmyard animals, how they are kept, how they are handled and how they are used. The diverse interactions between animal husbandry and agriculture as well as consumption and production also play a role.

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  • Saturday, Mar 30, 2024 10:00 - 18:00 clock
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