Reading with Bianka Hadler & Sonja Voß-Scharfenberg "Ten past eleven"

3/4/24 in Schwerin

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  • Monday, Mar 4, 202417:00 - 18:00 clock

Bianka Hadler & Sonja Voß-Scharfenberg read from their book "Zehn nach Elf" as part of the event series "montags bei littera et cetera".

Bianka Hadler, born in 1959 in Goldberg/Mecklenburg, lives in Schwerin; qualified librarian and geriatric and nursing assistant. Publications in: "Muse, the tenth answers to Sappo of Mytilene" and various anthologies

Sonja Voß-Scharfenberg, born in Schwerin/Mecklenburg in 1957, lives in Schwerin, business administrator, graduate of the Leipzig Literature Institute, Anna Seghers scholarship holder, publications: "Gegenwind", "Im Gelben", "Eisblumen", "Neue Farm der alten Tiere"; anthologies, radio and Risse, magazine for literature in MV

Her book was published by Wieden-Verlag in fall 2023.

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Event dates
  • Monday, Mar 4, 2024 17:00 - 18:00 clock
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Bookstore "littera et cetera

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Bookstore "littera et cetera

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