Night watchman tour through the old town of Wismar in the evening

12/27/23 in Wismar

Night watchman in Wismar, © Sebastian Möller

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  • Wednesday, Dec 27, 202318:00 o'clock
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18.00, meeting point at the town hall binding registration is recommended by phone 03841 19433

Night watchman tour - evening tour of the old town of Wismar A city tour of a different kind, equipped with halberd and lantern, the city guide in the garb of a medieval night watchman leads the guests through the evening Hanseatic city. A scary and beautiful way to get to know the world heritage city in a different way, because the night watchman not only knows a lot about the turbulent history of Wismar, but also to tell one or two scary stories.

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Event dates
  • Wednesday, Dec 27, 2023 18:00 o'clock
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Tourist Information Wismar

Lübsche Straße 23a
23966 Wismar
03841 22529-123
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Tourism center Wismar

Lübsche Straße 23 a
23966 Wismar
03841 19433


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