Pure nature: we collect litter on the beach

11/25/23 in Trassenheide

Pure nature: we collect litter on the beach, © müllsammel_aktion.jpg

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  • Saturday, Nov 25, 202314:00 - 15:00 clock
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Pure nature: we collect litter on the beach


Together we walk along the beach and collect washed up garbage and other things that do not belong there. Afterwards there is for all together delicious cocoa.
The supervision obligation by the Eigenbetrieb "Kurverwaltung Baltic resort Trassenheide" during the children's events is excluded.
It is a joint action for families.

Registration at www.trassenheide.de/events required! Limited number of participants!
We reserve the right to cancel the event the day before if there are not enough registrations.
Please inform yourself in advance here in the event calendar.

Subject to change! (as of January 2023)

Photo: © pixabay


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Free of charge with spa card.

Event dates
  • Saturday, Nov 25, 2023 14:00 - 15:00 clock
Event Location

Strandhauptzugang 9 F

17449 Trassenheide

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Kurverwaltung Trassenheide

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