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  • Thursday, Mar 14, 202419:00 - 20:00 clock
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Based on the novel by Klaus Mann / Play with music / Neues Globe Theater Potsdam

Klaus Mann wrote his novel "Mephisto" in exile in 1936. In it, he tells the story of the actor Hendrik Höfgen, who made a career from 1926 to 1936 in parallel with the rise of the National Socialists. Although Höfgen is a communist, he comes to terms with the National Socialist regime and becomes its model actor. He, whose showpiece role is that of Mephistopheles from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's tragedy "Faust", thus enters into a pact with the devil. Höfgen's conflict between career and conscience culminates in the famous sentence: "I'm just an ordinary actor!".

Klaus Mann (1906 - 1949), the eldest son of Nobel Prize winner Thomas Mann, wanted to show a "symbolic type" with the character of Hendrik Höfgen and by no means create a portrait (of the actor and director Gustav Gründgens). Nevertheless, the novel was banned in the FRG for a long time; in the GDR, however, it was published.

The New Globe Theater from Potsdam will bring the novel "Mephisto" to the stage with a six-person ensemble as a "dance on the volcano" in the distorted mirror of a political cabaret of the 1920s/30s with live music and an emcee.

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Ticket adults: 25 €
Reduced ticket: 12 €

Event dates
  • Thursday, Mar 14, 2024 19:00 - 20:00 clock
Event Location

Ernst Barlach Theater

Franz-Parr-Platz 8
18273 Güstrow

+49 (0)3843 684146
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Franz-Parr-Platz 8
18273 Güstrow


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