International Women's Day and 20th anniversary

3/6/24 in Wismar

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  • Wednesday, Mar 6, 202419:00 - 00:00 clock
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Beate M. Kunze reads in the city library

20 years ago, Beate M. Kunze presented her first booklet "Beziehungsweisen", cheerful and contemplative poetry. At that time, there were only a few tables ready for guests in the café of the city library. But that soon changed, as she was already accompanied by her fictional character Eva Schmidt, known as Evi, who quickly found her way into the hearts of the audience. "I suspect," says the author, "that Evi is now more popular than I am." In the years that followed, Beate M. Kunze published many small books of "utility poetry" and short biographies. The books published by BS-Verlag Rostock did not remain on the shelves of Wismar bookshops for long. The readings also quickly became very popular beyond the region's borders. The number of fans grew.

To mark this writing anniversary, Beate M. Kunze will once again recite the poems and stories that have proved to be audience favorites over the years. At the top of the list, of course, is Evi, the woman with the wide heart, great strengths and small weaknesses, who starts where others give up. The event was organized by the city library and its support association.

The reading will be accompanied by music from the "Kompromisten" (Karl-Heinz Saleh and Gunnar Rieck). There will also be one or two anecdotes from the everyday life of an author and the library director. Uta Mach has a lot to contribute, as some of the many readings took place in the Zeughaus.

Tickets for this entertaining evening on March 6 at 7 p.m. are now on sale at the city library for 10 euros in advance, plus, as always, a glass of sparkling wine or another drink from the library association. Remaining tickets may be available at the box office for 13 euros. Advance bookings are possible at 03841 251 4020 or

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Event dates
  • Wednesday, Mar 6, 2024 19:00 - 00:00 clock
Event Location

Wismar City Library

Ulmenstraße 15
23966 Wismar
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Wismar City Library

Ulmenstraße 15
23966 Wismar


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