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3/3/24 in Waldeck/Dummerstorf

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  • Sunday, Mar 3, 202410:00 - 16:00 clock
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Archives Day at the Stasi Records Archive in Rostock

The holdings of the Federal Archives reflect the division of Germany from 1945-1990 like no other archive. The Stasi files in particular show how closely the Federal Republic and the GDR were interwoven in terms of attempted political influence, espionage and defense against it, but also with regard to so-called "hostile-negative" influences from the West on the GDR population.


11:15 | Lecture and discussion

Espionage, the Cold War and German division
with Dr. Ronny Heidenreich (Federal Archives, Stasi Records Archive)


important part of the Cold War and the division of Germany was the struggle between Western and Eastern secret services. The speaker will show the aims, activities and effects as well as the changes from the mid-1950s onwards. In addition to "real" espionage, it was also always about mutual influence. Little-known examples from the GDR coastal region illustrate the consequences, especially for people in the GDR.

14:00 | Lecture and discussion

Monitoring and persecution
with Dr. Christian Booß (historian, Berlin)

As the main pillar of the SED dictatorship, the Stasi sensed "enemies" everywhere, especially among its own population. Even thinking differently, being different or having "Western contacts" could lead to massive investigation and persecution. The speaker shows the enormous variety of means and methods as well as the consequences for those affected. However, he also reveals the extent to which the Stasi was sometimes overwhelmed by the flood of data, but at the same time handled it in a very "modern" way.

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In the footsteps of a dictatorship
Guided tours of



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10:00 - 16:00 | Further offers

- Visits to the card index and archive

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Event dates
  • Sunday, Mar 3, 2024 10:00 - 16:00 clock
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Stasi Archives Rostock

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