3/18/23 to 11/21/23 in Zinnowitz

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  • Saturday, Oct 21, 202319:30 - 20:45 clock
  • Tuesday, Nov 21, 202319:30 - 20:45 clock
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by Coline Serreau
from the French by Marie Besson Franco

Together with his mother, father and brother Bébert, Hare Rabbit, the youngest scion of the family, lives a seemingly normal life in a very small apartment. Because of a special mission, aliens have placed the youngest of the family in their midst.
Mr. and Mrs. Hare can finally breathe a little easier: three of their five children are out of the house and Papa Hare will soon get a decent pension. The oldest son is about to graduate from medical school and the youngest, Hare, is a math whiz.
But this happiness does not last long. One by one, all the children come home to seek shelter with the family: the firstborn is pursued and taken away by the police as a terrorist, one daughter wants a divorce, and the other decides she'd rather say "no" at the altar. Even the Hases' elderly neighbor now moves in with the family, out of loneliness.
But despite the narrowness and the threats from outside, the small community holds firmly together and Mama Hase must steer the ship through the hurricane.

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Mar 18, 2023 19:30 - 21:15 clock
  • Saturday, Apr 8, 2023 19:30 - 21:15 clock
  • Saturday, Oct 21, 2023 19:30 - 20:45 clock
  • Tuesday, Nov 21, 2023 19:30 - 20:45 clock
Event Location

"Die Blechbüchse" - das gelbe Theater

Seestraße 8
17454 Zinnowitz

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