Guided tour with Gabriela Ender through the special exhibition "Klaus Ender - Where word and image go hand in hand..."

6/28/24 in Bergen auf Rügen

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  • Friday, Jun 28, 202416:00 - 17:00 clock
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Gabriela Ender will guide interested visitors through the special exhibition on Friday and present the work of her famous husband.

In this special exhibition, Gabriela Ender (wife and former nude model) presents the impressive work of the well-known photographer and poet Klaus Ender. Using selected exhibits, she traces the eventful and often unusual life of this free spirit from the beginnings of his photographic career, through five decades of artistic creation to his last nude.

Klaus Ender first became known to a wide audience through his nudes in "Das Magazin" and other magazines. Aesthetics and natural sensuality were his maxims. The fascination of the female body, without voyeurism and of poetic beauty, characterize his pictures. Landscape and nature photography was always an equal part of his work. The photographer's great passion was beauty in detail, playing with sharpness/blurriness, reflections in dew, reflections... His poems are profound and tell of the many ways to make life more meaningful. The thinker devoted himself particularly to aphorism - rhetorically appealing and with philosophical meaning.

Klaus Ender fulfilled a long-cherished and heartfelt dream by becoming a freelance photographer - and he paid a high price for it. Gabriela Ender gives an unembellished account of the blackmail by the Stasi and the agonizing doubts that the forced activity as an IM brought with it for Klaus Ender, of his attempts to rebel against the system and his eventual emigration to Austria.

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Event dates
  • Friday, Jun 28, 2024 16:00 - 17:00 clock
Event Location

City Museum Bergen on Rügen

Billrothstraße 20a
18528 Bergen auf Rügen
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City Museum Bergen on Rügen

Billrothstraße 20a
18528 Bergen auf Rügen


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