Grave art at the St. Jürgen cemetery

9/23/23 in Stralsund

Parsenow gravesite, © Angela Pfennig

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  • Saturday, Sep 23, 202310:00 - 12:00 clock
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Guided tour with Benjamin Rumpel and Dr. Angela Pfennig, participation: 6 Euro

One can find at the oldest graves the simple, so impressive, beautiful handmade wrought iron black crosses with golden inscription. ... From the same period usually come the small iron plaques, which are screwed to the grave bars. Then follows a period in which one passes to tombstones and monuments made of granite and marble. Here you can find almost square, small stones, placed at the foot of the hills and white, gray or black marble crosses. ... The more prosperous period of the flourishing German Empire up to the pre-war years is also reflected in the grave art. One sees wide and massive, towering and bulky stones, besides also sarcophagus-like heavy slabs. Occasionally bronze sculptures are found in connection with marble or granite, which combine the finest taste with the noblest art. The war time let then as gravestones erratic blocks arise. ... The post-war period with its economic decline also brings simplicity and plainness in the gravestones. ... The graves which are located at the northern and northwestern wall of the cemetery have a special position. ... There are also some tomb chapels, besides back walls, in which often marble tablets are embedded. They consist for the most part of plastered masonry, of artificial stone or of unplastered brick.
Joachim Lorenz Struck: Bedeutsame Gräber auf dem St.-Jürgen-Kirchhof zu Stralsund, 1934

The tour is a historical search for surviving gravestones, whose origin, design, construction, installation and restoration are explained.

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Sep 23, 2023 10:00 - 12:00 clock
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St. Jürgen Cemetery

Hainholzstraße 6A
18435 Stralsund

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