There is also room for dog and cat

7/14/23 in Graal-Müritz

Achim Sunday, © bereitgestellt von Achim Sonntag

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  • Friday, Jul 14, 202315:00 - 15:50 clock
Children, Theatre & Stage

a play with acting, puppet show and the original text of the picture book of the same name

"The witch wanted to go on a journey. So she packs her seven things..."
This is how the picture book "There's room for dog and cat, too" begins.
Actually, Achim Sonntag only wants to read the story aloud in this play.
But when he opens the giant book on stage, oh my, the witch from the first picture has disappeared.
picture has disappeared, and only her black silhouette can be seen.
So he has no choice but to slip into the role of the witch himself, who in the course of
who in the course of her journey picks up a dog, a bird and a frog.
However, the broom is not up to such a big load.
What happens when the broom breaks, and how the animals come to the witch's rescue in dire need,
The children will find out in this funny play, which is a mixture of drama, puppetry and recitation,
puppetry and recitation.

Achim Sonntag, born in 1961, is a freelance children's theater producer. Born in Düsseldorf, he has lived
in Wengen in the Allgäu since 2007. After gaining experience in various forms of theater, he came to children's
to children's theater more than 30 years ago through his own children. He developed in continuous
1. he appeals strongly to the children's imagination and 2. he always involves his audience in the process.
he always involves his audience in the course of the action. The children become
an indispensable part of the action on stage.
On the basis of his concept, sixteen plays have been created to date, with which
with great success all over Germany and increasingly also abroad (so far Austria, Luxembourg, Spain).
(so far Austria, Luxembourg, Spain).

Program suitable for children from 3 years

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Event dates
  • Friday, Jul 14, 2023 15:00 - 15:50 clock
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