"Extrawurst" at Dömitz Fortress - Ribbeck Castle Festival gives guest performance with comedy

8/3/24 in Dömitz

Extrawurst ©Schlossfestspiele Ribbeck, © Schlossfestspiele Ribbeck

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  • Saturday, Aug 3, 202419:00 - 21:00 clock
Theatre & Stage, Open-Air Festival

The Schlossfestspiele Ribbeck's new production is the play "Extrawurst". The play shows in an amusing way that barbecue food really does provide fuel for heated discussions. On August 3, 2024 at 7 pm at the Dömitz Fortress.

The comedy was penned by the well-known comedy authors Dietmar Jacobs and Moritz Netenjakob, who have written for such well-known television formats as "Die Wochenshow", "Ladykracher", "Das Amt" and "Stromberg". The fast-paced comedy "Extrawurst" is a very topical play. With a sure instinct for punchlines, the two authors ensure that both die-hard traditionalists and self-proclaimed do-gooders get their comeuppance without being overly serious. Democracy needs a culture of debate. Here you can learn it in the theater!

What is it about? It's actually just a formality. The general meeting of the tennis club in a small German town is to vote on the purchase of a new barbecue for the club parties. Normally not a problem - if it weren't for the

proposal to also finance a barbecue for the club's only Turkish member. After all, devout Muslims are not allowed to put their barbecued sausages on a grill with pork. A well-intentioned idea, but one that triggers immense discussions and puts the actually peaceful club to the test. After all, how many rights should a majority grant a minority?

Do you have to tolerate religions if you reject them? Is there also a German culture at the barbecue? And are vegetarians actually also a religious community?

Tickets are available at the Tourist Information Office in Dömitz for €18 or €14, as well as at all known advance booking offices.

The event is financially supported by the district of Ludwigslust-Parchim.

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Aug 3, 2024 19:00 - 21:00 clock
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Fort Dömitz (exhibition “Im Grunde“)

Auf der Festung 3
19303 Dömitz

+49 (0)38758 22401
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