Dorit Gäbler - Chanson evening

10/12/23 in Stralsund

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  • Thursday, Oct 12, 202319:00 - 21:00 clock
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| Red Roses for Mackie Messer


Is it okay to have contact with guys like Mackie Messer? Can you even give him red roses? And why are such mafia types world-famous, and no one is safe from them? Why is the whole world more interested in criminal energies than in stories that come along quietly? Perhaps because so much in life is predictable, life's surprising twists and turns are in demand. And if there's a bit of black humor in it and it sends creepy shivers down our spines, that's fine.

In Dorit Gäbler's "criminal chanson evening" there are the most different stories, people who do forbidden things or slip quite by chance into crimes which they basically never wanted to commit. To assert oneself in a world for which we were not created requires extraordinary measures. -The evening is combined by D. Gäbler with cabaret remarks about criminal energies and sometimes she actually falls off the stool to pull you from the same. An enjoyable evening, with many facets, which is also good to watch.



  • Für mich soll`s rote Rosen regnen H. Hammerschmidt/H. Knef
  • The first man M. Schmitz/J. Kramer
  • The Schwipslied M. Hattwig/Werner W. Wallroth
  • Sketch "He won't make me fruit anymore." D. Gäbler
  • Occupationally injured H. Nittmann/D. Gäbler
  • The Moritat of Mackie Messer Bgltg. (big band) K. Weill/B. Brecht
  • Mini songs D. Gäbler/D. Gäbler
  • Yo vendo unos ochos negros Trad./Editing D. Gäbler
  • Dreams G. Kreisler/G. Kreisler
  • Surabaya-Jonny K. Weill/B. Brecht
  • New York, New York J. Kander/F. Ebb
  • The Moritat of Mackie M. (Bgltng guitar) K. Weil/B.Brecht



  • Your face M. Fuchs/D. Gäbler
  • I don't know to whom I belong F. Hollaender/F. Hollaender
  • The kleptomaniac F. Hollaender/F. Hollaender
  • Sketches The Commissioner Cornelia Molle
  • He was never a gentleman Ch. Niessen/Ch. Niessen
  • Like you M. Fuchs/J. Kramer
  • Stroganoff F. Hollaender/F. Hollaender
  • Song of the buccaneer Jenny K. Weill/B. Brecht
  • Poisoning pigeons G. Kreisler/G. Kreisler
  • Der Herr Direktor G. Kreisler/G. Kreisler
  • When the wind turns, E. Christoffer/Christoffer/Gäbler


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Event dates
  • Thursday, Oct 12, 2023 19:00 - 21:00 clock
Event Location

Church of Culture St. Jakobi Stralsund

Jacobiturmstraße 28a
18439 Stralsund
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Church of Culture St. Jakobi Stralsund

Jacobiturmstraße 28a
18439 Stralsund


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