Demeter organic farm. Old rectory Elmenhorst

8/5/23 in Elmenhorst

Pasture in Elmenhorst, © Angela Pfennig

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  • Saturday, Aug 5, 202310:00 - 12:00 clock
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Guided tour with Claudia Resthöft, participation: 6 Euro

Our old vicarage Elmenhorst is a mixed farm with market fruit cultivation and dairy farming as well as refinement of our products in our own cheese dairy and bakery. In 2005 we decided to have the farm certified according to Demeter standards. We were particularly moved to do so by the lively way in which Demeter farmers deal with nature, as well as the fair way in which people treat each other.

On a total area of 214 hectares we cultivate 159 hectares of arable land and 55 hectares of grassland, which is the basis for the feed of our dairy cattle.

Characteristic for biodynamic agriculture is the idea of the farm organism. This means that the farm develops its own individuality, giving the food produced there a special character. The goal is to complete the cycle idea and to import and export as little energy as possible. This is achieved, among other things, through the cultivation of clover grass in the fields as the basis of crop rotation, the complete abandonment of environmentally harmful inputs and the use of the farm's own resources.

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Aug 5, 2023 10:00 - 12:00 clock
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Old rectory Elmenhorst

Schulstraße 12
18510 Elmenhorst

+49 38327 80090
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