Davd Blair concert

6/1/24 in Malchin OT Remplin

© Blair

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  • Saturday, Jun 1, 202419:30 - 22:00 clock
Rock, Pop & Electronic Music

....7us boss Hans Derer is overjoyed: "David is a real talent of the century!"...

But above all, to go on tour and touch his ever-growing fan base, his fans emotionally! Because the Canadian market seemed too small for him, he grabbed his guitar in winter and flew to Europe to perform in clubs and pubs. He has already played in Denmark, Finland and France -- but "in Germany", he says, "I like it best". He is now planning his career from there: he signed a label contract with the "Label 7us Music", the creative cell that also discovered singer-songwriters such as Andreas Kümmert or successfully brought Kevin Erdel into the business. At the end of February, he released his first album "Stronger, Higher, Faster", a kind of "best of" his three longplays released in Canada. A first single track will be released for Valentine's Day on February 14: "This Is The Soundtack" is a different kind of love song! 7us boss Hans Derer is over the moon: "David is a real talent of the century!"

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Jun 1, 2024 19:30 - 22:00 clock
Event Location

Interior castle chapel Remplin

Schloßstraße 15
17139 Malchin OT Remplin

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Schloßstraße 15
17139 Malchin OT Remplin