In wind and weather - Hiddensee in words and pictures

3/24/24 in Klausdorf

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  • Sunday, Mar 24, 202416:00 - 17:00 clock
Exhibition, Literature

Entertaining texts, sketches and studies by 16 artists. Island life, emotions, thoughts and landscapes are reflected in even the smallest scene.


A tribute to the beauty and uniqueness of Hiddensee

"It was a remarkable winter. The waves of the Baltic Sea ... immediately froze into a mighty ice colossus on the shore. This created a fantastic and bizarre landscape of ... blocks of ice and magical shapes." (Prof. Dr. Manfred Prinz p. 121)

"Diary note from idea for this week: no pictures, no repetitions of frequently painted motifs, but motifs that make the workings of nature in the landscape visible. And everything in peace and quiet. "(Helga Knaack p.88)

"Filled with the special nature, ideas for the pictures usually come. "(Heike Reuter p.146 ff)

"Good art needs time, contemplation and inner strength. I find all that on the island. " (Martina Apelt p. 16)


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Event dates
  • Sunday, Mar 24, 2024 16:00 - 17:00 clock
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Eberhard Wolf Lincke

Barhöfter Str. 4
18445 Klausdorf
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