Böll Monday movie about solidarity agriculture: The Combine

2/26/24 in Rostock

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Over a period of 9 years, the documentary accompanies the Kartoffelkombinat on its moving journey to becoming the largest community-supported agriculture in Germany.

with director Moritz Springer and Moritz Isensee, Bunte Höfe

The "Kartoffelkombinat" solidarity farming initiative from Munich grows vegetables with cooperative contributions and distributes the harvest to its members. The principle behind the initiative is to farm for each other, not for profit, but according to need.

The documentary DAS KOMBINAT follows the Kartoffelkombinat over a period of nine years on its moving journey from an idealistic idea to the largest community-supported agriculture in Germany.

The two founders, Daniel Überall and Simon Scholl, use the cultivation of vegetables as a Trojan horse to promote a much bigger idea. The two want a completely different economic system. They ask themselves how we produce things, who owns the means of production and who should ultimately benefit from this production?

But the road is rocky and suddenly the project is on the verge of failure.


Cooperation partners: Heinrich Böll Foundation MV, Lichtspieltheater Wundervoll

Admission: 7,50 / 6,- / 5,- EUR

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Event dates
  • Monday, Feb 26, 2024 19:00 - 21:30 clock
Event Location

Lichtspieltheater Wundervoll li.wu.

Friedrichstraße 23
18057 Rostock

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Heinrich Böll Foundation MV

Friedrichstraße 23
18057 Rostock



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