Oh, Caspar! - A musical theater evening about pictures

5/10/24 in Greifswald

The authors from top left to bottom right: Sevgi Emine Özdamar, Jacek Dehnel, Paula Stenström Öhman, Josefine Klougart, © Heike Steinweg, Cezary Rucki, Paula Stenström Öhman, Sofie Amalie Klougart

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  • Friday, May 10, 202420:00 - 22:00 clock
Theatre & Stage, Literature

How do today's artists see pictures by Caspar David Friedrich? The Greifswald Festival Nordischer Klang poses this question to four well-known writers from the Baltic Sea region.

The Danish author Josefine Klougart, the Swedish playwright and director Paula Stenström Öhman, the Polish poet, prose writer and painter Jacek Dehnel and the German writer and actress Emine Sevgi Özdamar took part.

The result is a series of scenes in which the authors confess to their favorite Friedrich painting and create surprising connections between the old paintings and our time in personal texts. These completely different and unexpected approaches to Friedrich's pictorial world demonstrate his unbroken, multifaceted impact.
Musically, the dialog between the texts presented for the first time and Friedrich's famous landscapes will be captured by electronic soundscapes.

An event as part of the Caspar David Friedrich Jubilee 2024.

he Nordic Sound will take place from May 3 to 12, 2024. All information: www.nordischerklang.de

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Event dates
  • Friday, May 10, 2024 20:00 - 22:00 clock
Event Location

Susan Wegener

Stralsunder Straße 10
17489 Greifswald

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Cultural Association Nordic Sound e.V.

Hans-Fallada-Straße 20
17487 Greifswald

+49 (0)3834 863613


in the region Vorpommern

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