21st Wismar Herring Days 2024

3/9/24 in Wismar

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  • Saturday, Mar 9, 202400:00 o'clock
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09.03.2024: Opening event Herring dishes in the participating restaurants in Wismar and the surrounding area

21st Wismar Herring Days
The Wismar Herring Days are being held for the 21st time on the initiative of the Wismar Bay Hanseatic Chefs' Club. No other fish than herring has ever had such great economic importance. As early as the 11th century, Wismar fishermen sailed to the south-west coast of Sweden (Scania) to catch herring there, preserve them well salted and then export them from Wismar to the whole of Europe. Even today, herring is still the best known and most consumed edible fish and can be found in all seas. The Baltic herring is the smallest of these.
Traditionally, the Hanseatic Cooking Club Wismar Bay welcomes Wismar residents and guests to the Old Harbour to collect the freshly landed herring. An expectant crowd stands on the shore, the cries of seagulls fill the air and the cutters with the first big catch of herring arrive in the harbor.
At the very front, in traditional dress, the members of the Wismar Bay Cooking Club load the fresh herring onto wooden carts and drive them through the historic old town to the market square. A lively bustle begins in the streets of Wismar, many onlookers join the cooks' procession and the Dorf Mecklenburg brass band provides the musical accompaniment.
Arriving at the market square, the 21st Herring Days are opened by Mayor Thomas Beyer. The big herring frying begins immediately at the various stalls and soon the air is filled with the delicious aroma of the fried fish. The regional specialty is already on everyone's lips and the wine with the fish is also a must. On the following days, participating restaurateurs in the town serve herring dishes.

Program on the opening day:

10.00 a.m. - Landing (Old Harbour) The Hansetische Köcheclub Wismarbucht welcomes Wismar residents and guests to the Old Harbour to collect the freshly landed herring.
10.15 a.m. - Herring cart procession of the chefs from the Old Harbour to the market square accompanied by the Dorf Mecklenburg brass band and the Wismar rifle club.
11.00 a.m. - Opening (market square) The mayor of the Hanseatic City of Wismar, Thomas Beyer, opens the 21st Wismar Herring Days on the market square. Large herring roast Herring are roasted and sold on the market square. The Dorf Mecklenburg brass band and the "Blänke" shanty choir provide entertainment on the market square.
from 11.30 a.m. All participating restaurants offer special herring dishes and herring specialties for 16 days.
3 p.m. - Störtebeker shows guests his Wismar Public city tour Meeting point: Tourist Information, Lübsche Straße 23a, duration: approx. 2 hours
For all those who don't want to walk: from 11.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. city tours in low-floor panorama buses Meeting point: at the town hall on the market square

- Program subject to change -

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Event dates
  • Saturday, Mar 9, 2024 00:00 o'clock
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Hanseatic City of Wismar

Am Markt 1 (Rathaus)
23966 Wismar

03841 251-0
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Hanseatic Cooking Club Wismarbucht

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