20th Rostock Cog Puller 2024

3/1/24 in ROSTOCK

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Theatre & Stage

Gala evening, cabaret

On 01.03.2024 at 20:00




2017 Golden Cog Puller

Nektarios Vlachopoulos is probably the best person in the world because he likes honesty, peace and that everyone likes him. The incredible power of self-irony allows him to effortlessly come to terms with all obstacles and makes him immune to reason and maturity. This virtually invincible superhero has only one weakness: his panic fear of conflict. He is also emotionally fragile, has a multitude of allergies and regularly fails to meet the basic demands of his own life.

But he can speak! I swear he has the best language! Nektarios has mastered the entire range of silliness from Ringelnatz to Pimmelwitz, uses the prefix "bums-" to enhance adjectives and, last but not least, surprises himself time and again with finely honed rhetoric and bum-smart thoughts. A real gangster who has never been in a fight.


In a perfect world, everyone would be like Nektarios, only Nektarios would have a little more money than the others. But unfortunately, most people are more like that these days. And that's where the problem lies!



Music cabaret

2023 Goldener Koggenzieher

Dirk Pursche and Stefan Klucke have been performing their musical cabaret on German cabaret stages as the duo Schwarze Grütze
for 30 years.
The proud winners of last year's Koggenzieher award present excerpts from their new program "Ganz dünnes Eis" at


which celebrated its premiere at the Pfeffermühle in Leipzig on 25.02.2024.
But perhaps the two wicked bards can also be persuaded to play one of their classics at




2010 Silver Koggenzieher

Sven Kemmler has bought himself a book. A really thick ham. Without thinking about the consequences. Because now he feels he has to read it. Although it would also look good on the shelf if it wasn't read. But seriously, how long can a read like that take? It makes Sven think of Thomas Mann and he knows that it can drag on forever!

But reading used to be a pleasure for him, not a burden. Oh, where has the magic gone? The voice of his great-grandmother reading The Robber Hotzenplotz. Waiting for the book bus. The first Asterix of my own. The school curriculum's attempt to crush the joy of reading under the leaden heel of "compulsory reading", followed by the realization: never in his life will a person understand as much about literature as his German teachers. But then the liberation, the day when you realize: "Hooray, I can read what I want! And if it suits me, even as a video, hah!"

From then on, you ask yourself the important questions. What do I want to read, what should I read, what can I read? Is a book still literature if an orc appears in it? Is it still a book if it's not a thriller from Denmark or Sweden? And why is the Koran regularly burned in times of climate change, when the calorific value of Bibles would be much greater due to their thickness? And by the way, how should we deal with authors who are controversial from today's perspective, such as Immanuel Kant or Jamie Oliver?

The material on which dreams are made is also changing. We read from the page, from cowhide, from marble and from scratch-resistant displays, sometimes in 3D, sometimes in 4K. The effect is multifaceted. Since people have been reading their smartphones instead of newspapers on local trains, they can now see the faces of their fellow human beings again in the morning. The world hasn't become more beautiful as a result.

But people are always reading. Since the beginning of time, we have had the desire to curl up on the sofa with a hot drink on rainy days and browse through a book that takes us to foreign worlds, with which we can explore deserts and cross jungles, that teaches us how to bake laughter cakes, fly spaceships, stake vampires, shave witches, beat up princes, crochet hamsters and impregnate potholders. Or you can just flip through the pages of a TV movie.

In any case, the reader learns. Man reads as long as he strives. And this cabaret program strives to carve lances out of the sticks that so many have up their butts when it comes to books, in order to break them for reading. Cheerful, profound, sometimes downright stupid and - within the limits of cabaret - also erotic. The whole thing, of course, with a well-oiled reading voice. And a lot of heart. In short: an evening for everyone who wants to fall in love with reading (again).

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Event dates
  • Friday, Mar 1, 2024 20:00 - 22:00 clock
Event Location

Warnowufer 55

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Compagnie de Comédie

Warnowufer 55
18057 Rostock



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