20th Rostock Cog Puller 2024

3/3/24 in ROSTOCK

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  • Sunday, Mar 3, 202420:00 - 22:00 clock
Theatre & Stage

4th gala evening, cabaret

On 03.03.2024 at 20:00 in the BÜHNE 602




2016 Silver Koggenzieher

After 10 years on stage with songs and lyrics, it's time to take stock.

to take stock. Fee Badenius ́ first solo evening, however, is not a best-of, not a mere

of well-known songs, rather it is a musical poetry album.

musical poetry album. Well-known numbers are on an equal footing here

alongside rarely played rarities that have not been recorded on CD or have only

rarely played live. In addition, Fee Badenius tells stories in her

inimitably likeable way, tells stories beyond the songs,

experiences of everyday life on tour through a bizarre Germany, of life in the

in the Ruhr area and about the creation of her music.

An evening that is funny and poetic, musical and in love with language

at the same time introduces the world of thoughts of singer-songwriter Fee Badenius

and where even long-time fans can discover something new.




2008 Golden Koggenzieher

Politicians are like real estate: immovable, but for sale. At the beginning of his career, the politician's motto is: know. But soon he is running. Only after his lobby. First he walks, later only on foot. Instead of daring democracy, he demands a company car. His CV thus becomes an autobiography. This is no coincidence, as political parties and the state are now secretly owned by large automobile companies. The SPD is owned by VW, the CSU by BMW, the employment agency by FORD and the BND by AUDI, because AUDI used to be called HORCH. The metamorphosis of the politician: from servant of one people to dealer of two masters. Dealing means acting. Every politician's morning question is therefore: How can I deal without acting? His room for manoeuvre is the fine line between factionalism and lobbying and between his own home and being controlled by others. The party is on his right, the supervisory board on his left, his wife behind him and his career in front of him. As a result of this tightrope walk, the actual client of the politician - the people - falls by the wayside. The disenchantment with politicians is proof of this: The people have not fallen flat on their faces. That's why you have to shut them up. To make the people talk again, the politician holds a consultation hour. Once a month, for a whole hour, the people are allowed to speak to the politician. The rest is silence. The politician's attempt to bring lobby, party, women and the people under his felt hat is called squaring the electoral circle. Nevertheless, the politician never avoids the questions of the day during the consultation. Only the answers. And because the people had to swallow everything for a long time, they are allowed to break their silence here. Then they have to chew on it for a long time. *This also refers to politicians who recognize themselves in these descriptions and various politicians Lothar BÖLCK GIBT STOFF. AGAIN AND AGAIN! Because democracy is in danger of degenerating. It is teetering between omnipotence and impotence, influence and drain. Ideology and idiocy. Since the stock market quotations have been shown at the bottom of the screen during television broadcasts of Bundestag debates, the true balance of power has become apparent. The knowledge-poor talk at the top. And the influential undermine them.




2013 candidates

They started out in pubs. They fell off bar stools and landed softly on the big stages of the republic. They toured with Götz Widmann, sang stoner anthems together and were awarded almost every cabaret prize the German-speaking world has to offer.

In the beginning there were two guitars and two voices. Then came the loop station. The beat. The orchestra. Hallelujah! 16 years in a frenzy.

Around 1600 gigs. 8,000,000 kilometers covered. 4 full-length programs. Numerous appearances for radio and television. They have shared the stage with Stoppok, Wader, Wecker and Mey, founded their own label and created a small festival where the greats of the scene come together.

the greats of the scene.

Time for a look back. In their new program, Simon & Jan present the best of 16 wild years of songwriting. Unvarnished and uncensored. After all the unfulfilled song requests of recent years, finally a concert of wishes. Except that they are the ones fulfilling their wishes. Why? Because they can.

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Event dates
  • Sunday, Mar 3, 2024 20:00 - 22:00 clock
Event Location

Warnowufer 55

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Compagnie de Comédie

Warnowufer 55
18057 Rostock



in the region Baltic Coast Mecklenburg

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