2nd start-up get-together / meet & greet at DeveLUP Ludwigslust

5/22/24 in Ludwigslust

Founder couple Ulrike and Alexander von Faber from FokusRaum Ludwigslust, © Ulrike und Alexander von Faber

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  • Wednesday, May 22, 202418:00 - 20:00 clock
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Meet & Greet at DeveLUP on Wednesday, 22.05.2024, at 6 p.m. with the team from the recently founded FokusRaum in Ludwigslust

On Wednesday, 22.05.2024, at 6 p.m., the founding couple Ulrike and Alexander von Faber will present their newly founded company FokusRaum, which has been based in Ludwigsluster Schloßstraße since 2024, as part of the 2nd start-up get-together in the Ludwigslust region.

"You're pretty brave" or "Pretty crazy, your idea" were the comments from their family and friends when they announced their decision to leave southern Germany and start a new life in Mecklenburg. They had been living near Freiburg for almost 20 years. With FokusRaum, they both want to use an innovative approach to give teams the space and focus they need to learn new things together and have fun transferring the experience they have gained into collaboration. Darts plays a special role in this.

Both are two internationally experienced managers with a start-up that combines motor learning and mental strength with a focus on team building, leadership skills and collaboration in a completely new framework. At the Meet & Greet, Ulrike and Alexander will talk about their journey of founding a company and the offers in the FokusRaum for people interested in founding a company and companies.
Thank you for your interest.

The 2nd start-up get-together is being held in cooperation with Gründungswerft MV e.V.

To register for the 2nd start-up round table/meet & greet, please email: develup@kreis-lup.de or call 03871-7226404. Your contact person is the start-up and foundation coordinator for Zukunftszentrum DeveLUP Henrik Wegner https://deve-lup.de/

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Event dates
  • Wednesday, May 22, 2024 18:00 - 20:00 clock
Event Location

DeveLUP Ludwigslust

Garnisonsstraße 7
19288 Ludwigslust

+49 38717226400
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Garnisonsstraße 7
19288 Ludwigslust



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