• Even in stormy seas..., © TMV/Roth
    Even in stormy seas...

The best areas

Across bubbly, sparkling crests

Insider’s tips and secret spots – the surf spots have something for everyone: no matter the wind conditions, whether for trainees or professionals.

Most spots have parking spaces right by the water, no long paths, so you can save your strength for riding the ultimate waves and not waste it carting your equipment about unnecessarily. Specially designated areas make sure you have ample space for set-up during the high season, under the interested gaze of other bathing guests.

Quickly down to the sea
Some areas are particularly suitable for windsurfers owing to their special conditions: Lubmin, a wave spot with medium waves and the best wind.

Ludwigsburg with shallow water for freeriding, freestyle and speed in a fresh SE and SW wind.

A tip for the courageous is Prora for the spring and autumn storms with XL sideshore from the left. Neu Mukran and Kägsdorf also have similarly large waves. There is an E to SE side-onshore wind in Altenkirchen for jumps.

Zingst awaits with a full beach life package as well as the WNW perfect sideshore wind. The city beach from Rostock-Warnemünde – is a wave classic with large waves particularly with a W wind.

But it doesn’t always have to be the Baltic Sea: Rerik offers sea waves and 100 metres further on, the opening to the smooth Salzhaff. The Saal Bodden also has several openings for some shallow water action.

Polchow (Jasmund Bodden) and the Schwerin Lake District aren’t salty – the tree growth makes for gusty conditions and absolute control. Whew! You run out of puff counting but the wind along Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s coast never does.

There's also a map of surfspots on our german website.