Sea buckthorn

The Lemon of the North

The orange-coloured Sea buckthorn fruit contain seven-times more Vitamin C than citrus fruit.

With their orange-coloured berries, the thorny bushes found all along the coast certainly catch the eye. The berries of the sea buckthorn prove to be a veritable vitamin powerhouse, their vitamin C content outperforms that of citrus fruit several times over. In addition, they contain impressive amounts of provitamin A, vitamin E and B12 as well as minerals and trace elements. So, this prickly shrub has gradually advanced to become one of the most important local energy suppliers and a natural multi-vitamin preparation.

Souvenirs from the Baltic Sea coast

Sea buckthorn products also make excellent souvenirs, evoking lasting holiday memories once back home. There are numerous tasty and nourishing sea buckthorn products available nowadays, such as oils, juices and nectars, teas, jams and other sweet products, liquors, wine and grog as well as cosmetics.

Take a look where sea buckthorn grows

The Sanddorn Storchennest with its 90 hectare plantation in Mecklenburg's Ludwigslust region is the largest supplier of sea buckthorn berries in Germany.  And holidaymakers on the Island of Rügen can follow part of the sea buckthorn's journey from plantation to processing.

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