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Cycling in MV

Outdoor Activities in Mother Nature

And get rafting
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Trekking, mountain biking, canoeing and rafting – hey, not all at once. But with so much variety, there’s bound to be something for you.

The sky’s the limit and you have the freedom to decide what outdoor adventure you want to do.
Discover, experience and conquer the great outdoors – it’s no empty promise. Leave all your knick-knacks and big suitcases at home because you’ll need lots of room for magnificent sunsets, wonderful campfire stories and climbing tours.

Excursions through the national parks and biosphere reserves between summers are also worthwhile. The paths get narrower the deeper into the undergrowth you go. You can do this on foot, by bike, boat or even on a home-made raft.

You get about a fair bit like this: dive into quiet coves, meander through the whispering reeds, catch your own supper, meet up for a jeep safari or a barbecue.
You discover Mother Nature but don’t conquer her, instead you learn to respect her limits.
Enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors!

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