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Enjoy the special sound of this region. Discover its wild beauty. Feel its rugged charm. Experience the state from its musical side and give this artistic freedom a go yourself.

Almost every weekend from spring to autumn is loud and fun. This is when a whole host of colourful events, hip festivals and great concerts take place back to back. The heat goes on at markets and fields, on beaches and quays, at the small beach festival as well as at the Hanse Sail. The maritime mega event in Rostock presents large gigs on several stages.
Do you want to do more? Singing, dancing, painting, sewing, pottery, weaving, scrapbooking? How about the poetry slam, grabbing a guitar, into the spotlight? Do what you want, give it a try and you’ll discover new sides of yourself, your friends and MV!

Festival mood at the Zuparken Festival, © TMV/Roth

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Events & festivals

A sailor sets out at night and still holds his own in the morning. So, just join in, you landlubbers! Mind-blowing festivals, fabulous beach sport events, from photographic art to maritime shindigs – dive into the razzmatazz, talk shop and really party.

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