• Kiting is fun – especially with like-minded people, © TMV/Roth
    Kiting is fun – especially with like-minded people

Learn to kitesurf now!

Schools, courses & camps

1,2,3, in cold water – no, nobody will push you on a professional kite course in MV, you will be clearly guided, have fun and learn the fine art of proper kite surfing or brush up your existing skills.

For beginners and advanced, but definitely for those eager to learn: the state’s kite schools have the best instructors available – after all, they live where you holiday. Plus, they have the right equipment for you and the local conditions – there couldn’t be a better way to improve!

Most kite schools in the state are member of the VdWS – the Association of German Windsurfing and Water Sports Schools with kite schools all over the world! So, you can rely on having qualified instructors and trainers, no matter whether you want to give kitesurfing a go at the weekend or on holiday or discovered you have found the ultimate pastime on the water and beneath the kite and don’t want to do anything else other than fly across the waves. Then trust in the standardised skill level documented on your personal kite licence card – this means you can add to your abilities and improve at anytime and anywhere in the world. Show your coach and learning group what you’ve got in you: from 1:1 private training up to small teams with an instructor pupil ratio of 1:8 (maximum), in addition to technical theory, then safety first, the joint practical lessons are especially exciting. And then you can show your friends what you’ve learned yourself.

There's also a map of surf schools on our german website.

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